I’m Dying

September 24, 2008

Well not REALLY dying, but I have some flu they’ve given a name to that causes me to go partially blind when I vommit really hard. I went to the Doc yesterday, they gave me some pills, I slept for 9 hours. when I woke up I was drenched head to toe in my own sweat. Normally I wouldn’t complain about 9 hours sleep except I didn’t know I was going to sleep for 9 hours, I was only supposed to be there for about 45 minutes. Tremendous pain in the ASS.

Anyways. Still feel like crap today, but the shop might explode if I’m not here, or potentially people will break down the door screaming they want their computers right now. When it comes to computers, people do not understand that this stuff takes TIME. This crap doesn’t happen over night. No we can’t give you an accurate estimate as to how long it will take. Yes we will try to get it done as soon as possible. No we can’t bump your computer ahead of everyone elses. No I can’t help that you’re in a poker tournament on Friday.


House Warming on Friday. Here’s hoping I’m verticle for it ūüėõ

OH HEY! My Landlord bagged an Elk last night! It’s her first ever elk so she was pretty excited. I’m going to have to brush up on my wild meat cooking apparently. That having been said I have no idea where she’s puting all this meat. As best as I’ve been made aware all we have is the tiny little fridge freezer. Maybe she’s got a cellar.

Or maybe she knows something we don’t know.


I read an article on Detoxing today. Or more accurately I glanced at the title and thought “hey, Jewels used to do that all the time… or… well not all the time… and it wasn’t… fuck it whatever, I want to be healthy.” So I’m going on a Seven Day Detox as of 5 PM today. I have bought many apples, some snap peas, some carrots, and a cucumber. Cucumber sandwhiches and soup for dinners, and carrots, peas, and apples for snackies. I’m not entirely sure how it’ll go, but I’m pretty excited to see how it comes out.

If any of the 11 of you have any Detox stories, let me know. I will be kind of journaling the event here, so stay tuned.

Then again, there’s an excellent chance I’ll just forget to post.

I’m Alive

May 4, 2008

Did anybody see Pearl Harbour? Say what you want about Ben Afleck, but that was an amazing movie and I think he was a fantastic Dare Devil. On a further note, I love that part where Ben Afleck writes to his woman and it opens with “This is the first I could get out word… I’m alive.”

Anyways. I’ve been busy as you might have guessed. Exams and final projects and work and a few hours for sleep here and there. That having been said I also kind of forgot I had a blog really, just being busy doing stuff. So as an update…

I’ve joined WCHL hockey (http://www.wchlhockey.com) as the General Manager of the Florida Panthers. I’m hoping to have a webpage up and running for my team, and when I get around to it I’ll let you know.

My Girlfriend and I had our 1 year anniversary on March 26th. It was getting rocky for a while there, admittedly, but we’ve made it, and now that exams are over we’re working on strengthening what have. And now she is reminding me that I need to give one of her teddy bears a story. And I’m also told I’m not allowed to write it here.

I’ve thrown myself into another writing project (like I don’t already have enough of them on the go) and I might have some stuff to say about that soon.

For now though, I’ll leave you with this and then go on my way. Have a good one!


March 16, 2008

First¬†TrySo I’ve just recently moved my computer out of my Girlfriend’s house and into my land-lord’s place. It’s not bad, nice to have Adrianna back to somewhere I can access her first thing or at the end of the day or whatever. Also gives her family some space, which they need right now.

Anyways, the actual reason for this entry is this:

First Try

I made this years ago (cripe I’m old) when I first took my computers course. I was so involved with Penny-Arcade, Something Positive, Homestar Runner,¬†Nuklearpower(my first web comic love) and the romanticized idea of just putting something out there, and having people read it, that I made a full website (which I might make available) and a web-comic.

I think the by and large story line for the comic¬†was going to be semi political/pop-culture commentary acted out by sprites, mostly focusing around these two. Blades was going to do angry rants, and I think my ex was going to do art or something… not sure…

Of course, as with almost all things like this, it just kind of fell by the wayside and the people I was in it with kind of just lost interest like I did.

Meh. Something cool from my past. Enjoy.


March 14, 2008

Seriously, you guys need to check this out.

I realize that to many of you this is by and large useless, but this is something to take note of.

I’m not joking. This is right up there with¬†dedication to a race,¬†having a dream,¬†and¬†poor translation.

I believe the guy is beyond right, I think he’s said the thing that is going to propel the world into the new age of technology and information. And yeah, maybe people have already been doing this, that he’s kind of just saying it after the fact… but this is the voice that has made it official. There was already a movement of people wanting to end racism, but one man gave them a voice and made it something beyond a handful of unorganized groups, he turned it into a movement.

The world had already started moving into a digital age, this guy has made the announcement.

I can’t wait to drive around in a hove car.¬†


March 3, 2008

Yeah, when I named this blog and when I originaly came up with the idea of “The Beyonders” a sub story of the main story of Bear, I had no idea the name was also shared with some weird cult thing.

When I figured I’d check out my hits and the searches people used to find my blog… well… imagine my surprise. That’s like finidng out Charles Manson is your cousin.

Or that other guy with the thing

So I searched this problem I was having this morning, and of all the places to have the answer it was Wikipedia… And then something quite interesting happened… I noticed that the title of the page was “Your browser no longer supports paragraph spacing, just like your mom!”

I couldn’t even begin to make that up.

I suppose that’s the innate problem with the whole user generated/edited content bit; you’re bound to get a jackass editing it sooner or later. The page is fixed now of course, it generally gets edited to what it’s supposed to be shortly after it’s edited to something retarded (Mayonnaise is made by¬†whipping raw sperm for 8 to 10 minutes).

On a further note¬†the spacing thing¬†was just a problem with the visual editor in WordPress, it wasn’t properly translating the enter key into an end “paragraph” or “break” tags.

Not that any of you likely noticed… actually last night I dreamed the 20 or so unique IP addresses I get actually commented for once. It was weird.

A good friend of mine Sugar Plume has pneumonia and is in the hospital currently. If you guys could pray for her I would really appreciate it.

On a Further note I have to friends with the nick name Sugar Plum…. One is male one is female.

Male:        Sugar Plum
Female:    Sugar Plume

And Gorramn do I hate this bloody keyboard!