Your Browser No Longer Supports Paragraph Spacing, Just Like Your Mom.

March 3, 2008

So I searched this problem I was having this morning, and of all the places to have the answer it was Wikipedia… And then something quite interesting happened… I noticed that the title of the page was “Your browser no longer supports paragraph spacing, just like your mom!”

I couldn’t even begin to make that up.

I suppose that’s the innate problem with the whole user generated/edited content bit; you’re bound to get a jackass editing it sooner or later. The page is fixed now of course, it generally gets edited to what it’s supposed to be shortly after it’s edited to something retarded (Mayonnaise is made by whipping raw sperm for 8 to 10 minutes).

On a further note the spacing thing was just a problem with the visual editor in WordPress, it wasn’t properly translating the enter key into an end “paragraph” or “break” tags.

Not that any of you likely noticed… actually last night I dreamed the 20 or so unique IP addresses I get actually commented for once. It was weird.

A good friend of mine Sugar Plume has pneumonia and is in the hospital currently. If you guys could pray for her I would really appreciate it.

On a Further note I have to friends with the nick name Sugar Plum…. One is male one is female.

Male:        Sugar Plum
Female:    Sugar Plume

And Gorramn do I hate this bloody keyboard!


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