My Name is Mac Donaley, I’m a Detective.

October 23, 2009

I was supposed to retire in 5 days, a gold watch and everything. My wife’s already picked up a couple fat steaks and a lobster to go with it; I could already taste the melted butter. And then four days ago I got a call out to what looked like a standard hit and run. But then someone found a bruise on the kid’s back. Completely by accident too, something to do with some med student or something who had to have his work checked over, bruise didn’t fully form until a day later, and a day later that bruise was a partial license plate.

And of course the plate matches a known mob affiliate, because I was supposed to retire in a week, so why would I find something interesting or worthy like this when I was young and could do something about it.

So another cop ran a work up on our mafia man; turned out that the driver was Don Capelli Verone out for a little pleasure cruise. We found him on a street cam moments before and moments after the kid got hit, so there was no question who had done it, the real question was why. So then we went back to the kid. Turns out our John Doe kid was a rat for the police going to turn states evidence on the mob. So now we had motive, opportunity, and a weapon.

Now we go to trial right?

Nope, because none of it makes sense. Why the hell is a kid who’s about to rat out the mob just walking down the street without a Federal Marshal? Why was a mob boss driving his driver’s car? Why had no-one IDd this kid until now?


Bear says: Kind of a partial story floating around in my head.


One Response to “My Name is Mac Donaley, I’m a Detective.”

  1. Annalise Says:

    Very more-ish. I like it.

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