Hey Griff, Chupa Thingy? How ’bout that? I like it, ts got a ring to it.

October 7, 2009

The first and second seasons of RedVSBlue were comic cold. To this day I still repeat jokes from those two seasons because there were some episodes where I had to pause it for nearly twenty minutes because I was laughing so hard it caused me physical pain. I managed to find some videos on YouTube, definitely worth a watch.

I mentioned in my last post that there was a reason I had to move home, there was a reason that things were getting so bad all around me that I had no choice but to go home. The reason was my sister. See she’s been dating this guy who is just 9 miles of bad road. He’s drug head, he’s in trouble with the three dealers in town for screwing around with their girls, he works 40 hours a week at $20 an hour and is still perpetually broke because he spends his money on drugs, he treat my sister and everyone in my family like crap, and as an added bonus he enjoys ripping people off — He faked a severe back injury after a car accident he walked away from.

In a long story short kind of fashion, “Turd Ferguson’s” bad decisions and her incessant lying to both her boyfriend and his family and then her own family came to a head the night she announced she was moving out. See Turd Ferguson had been playing both sides the whole time. Her boyfriend really is everything I said up there, but she also told us he was a rapist and that he did everything in his power to keep her down. Thing is, she told the boyfriends family that we beat her and abuse her mentally and emotionally and blah blah blah. So when both families met to discuss the young couple’s decision, it was discovered she had been playing both sides the whole time. My sister was obviously upset, she was beginning to reap the whirlwind and for the most part it was her fault.

Her answer was 10 or so T3s and some other strange drugs none of us had heard of.

I found her in the bathroom, and immediately I knew why I was there, why my life had crashed down around me. They told us when we were training for first aid that doing anything involving family was going to be tough, that we needed to be prepared for the fact we might not be able to handle it. I think if being a computer guy doesn’t work out, I’m going to ride around in vehicles with sirens. I handled myself. We got her to the hospital.

Honestly I had assumed the worst was over. After experiencing my sister stoned out of her mind, and having to help a nurse tie her to the bed… I figured it couldn’t get worse… I was wrong.

Turns out Turd Ferguson has been using drugs with the boyfriend, and not just the light stuff either. On top of that, she refused to see counseling, and within three days the whole thing returned back to normal including the part where she spends all her time lying to both sides.

Did you know last night was the first time her boyfriend took her to the movies?

Did you know they’ve been dating for two years?

This shit’s fucked up.

It’s hard to describe what I’m feeling, I’m glad I have my friends to lean on for sure… I just… need to wait, and pray.


2 Responses to “Hey Griff, Chupa Thingy? How ’bout that? I like it, ts got a ring to it.”

  1. Annalise Says:

    Wow, that’s intense.

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