Story: A Long Night (cont.)

February 29, 2008

Justin shakes his head, remembering when someone managed to hack his armour and chase him around with it, then pushes forward up the train. “So what am I looking for Nick?”

“Intelligence in this region suggests that we might be looking at another biological bomb built to turn more people into monsters.”

“Different from the heroes thing I’m using right?”

“Bingo, but this is more than just a search and destroy mission. Our boys in the field reported back that Dr. Basch is likely the one who designed the bomb. I’m piping you information to your HUD.”

“Har har Nick,” Bear responds apathetically, “har har.”

“And since this guy know more about what’s going with this whole ‘monsters heroes thing’ than anyone…”

“You’re looking for me to try and trace it.”

“You got it. Alright kid, by our calculations you’ve got 5 minutes before it’s so deep in the mountains we can’t get it out the other side in time. If the train makes it through the mountain and explodes we’re going to have some serious problems on our hands. And by our hands, I mean yours.”

Justin rolls his eyes and stops at the door to the 4th cabin. The carts up to this point have been empty, a few crates with not much of anything on them, but Bear can hear voices on the other side of this door. “Adrianna, can you scan for people in the room?”

My technology base does not allow me to scan beyond a 25 foot radius.

“Ain’t that a shame.” Fury says, again with a smile audibly creeping onto his face.

Bear decides he doesn’t like Fury listening in on his conversations as it affords him more opportunities than necessary to get in his one liners “Alright, give me the-”

There appear to be 6 occupants all carrying mid to heavy machine guns and wearing tech gear. They have formed in an ambush position.

“Why?” Bear asks his voice perking up a bit, curious as to who they were waiting for.

By my best calculations given my limited ability to scan the room, the tech they are wearing has likely notified them of your presence.

“You know what great? Stealth mode.”

“Fury, shut up.”


Story: A Long Night

February 24, 2008

The wind hums lowly masking the sound of the man in the green cloak as he drops from the roof of the long since forgotten train stop between Washington and Arizona. It dawns on him now, as he puts out his right hand to catch the end of the bullet train, that he won’t be able to use his sword. It doesn’t concern him at this stage however, he can’t figure a reason to be discovered.

The tug on his arm is sharp, but this was the only spot to get on; Where the train slows before entering the turn into the mountain pass. After he balances himself the man in the green cloak opens the rear hatch of the caboose, as much as they can be called cabooses these days, and slides in around the corner keeping low behind some boxes. “Fury,” Justin says quietly, “I’m in.” Though he prefers to go by the moniker ‘Bear’ while he’s under this identity.

“Gotcha kid, we’re tracking you now.” Fury of course would never use either moniker, even when Bear was going as ‘Iron Knight’. “You sure you want to be doing this?”

“Look, I don’t care if you don’t want to support me-”

Hey, SHIELD supports its agents. If we weren’t behind you I wouldn’t be your controller. Did you get those gloves I sent you?”

“I assumed that’s how you were tracking me.”

“No, we’re tracking you through Nanites in your blood, the gloves are something else entirely.”

Hello Sir.

Justin’s taken back a bit by the familiar sound of his Iron Knight’s AI, “Adriana?”

All agent parameters are at optimal levels Colonel, mission on schedule.

“Thanks Adriana,” Nick says audibly smiling, “Adriana will be performing a lot of her previous responsibilities minus one or two things. She can manipulate the nanites in your blood through the polymer layer in your gloves, however there’s a lot she can’t do. She won’t be able to change out oxygen supplies making you susceptible to poisons, nerve gasses, that sort of thing.”

Justin rolls his eyes as he makes his way through the caboose to look through the glass port hole in the door, “yeah, yeah, I get the point Nick.”

“That having been said, should you need it Adriana can pilot Iron Knight to your location on command.”

Justin stops for a moment after entering into the second car, empty save for a few large crates, “from where?”

“About 300 yards behind you.”

Bear turns and looks through the port holes to see Iron Knight’s glowing eyes and waving hand, deciding it is exceedingly weird to be looking at it following him.