I’m a computer guy. I tinker, I toy, I program, I upgrade, I destroy. There’s not a heck of a lot I can’t do with computers, and the things I don’t know, well I can learn those pretty darn quick. I imagine my shock and HORROR however to discover the woman I have grown to cherish and love in the 4 months we’ve been ‘official’ does not update her computer.

There was like 20 odd updates that needed to be installed, some of them as far back as 3 months ago were sitting on the Microsoft updated site, waiting to be plucked like a luscious apple… correction, orange. That’s actually a strange thing for me. I love apple juice, not so much apples. I love Oranges (favourite fruit) but I am not a huge fan of most orange juice (well I like the thick pulpy stuff that you can get at the grocery store in the fridge).

It’s vastly important to run updates on your PC. The horror stories where they completely turn your computer sideways are few and far between, and most times they’re handed out to fix potential issues, and to protect from potential virus attacks. Worms like Sasser, Love Bug, DaVinci, Michelangelo…. they could have all been avoided if people had properly updated their computers, as they took advantage of known holes in the OS.

And don’t even bother jumping up and down about Mac…. They’re just as bad, just not as popular so you don’t hear about it as much.

I am aware that some updates are Superfluous… but those I don’t care too much about, as long as you run the critical updates… I’m fine.

I should probably get back to work now, as I’m going to get hectically busy pretty quick here.