I’m Dying

September 24, 2008

Well not REALLY dying, but I have some flu they’ve given a name to that causes me to go partially blind when I vommit really hard. I went to the Doc yesterday, they gave me some pills, I slept for 9 hours. when I woke up I was drenched head to toe in my own sweat. Normally I wouldn’t complain about 9 hours sleep except I didn’t know I was going to sleep for 9 hours, I was only supposed to be there for about 45 minutes. Tremendous pain in the ASS.

Anyways. Still feel like crap today, but the shop might explode if I’m not here, or potentially people will break down the door screaming they want their computers right now. When it comes to computers, people do not understand that this stuff takes TIME. This crap doesn’t happen over night. No we can’t give you an accurate estimate as to how long it will take. Yes we will try to get it done as soon as possible. No we can’t bump your computer ahead of everyone elses. No I can’t help that you’re in a poker tournament on Friday.


House Warming on Friday. Here’s hoping I’m verticle for it 😛

OH HEY! My Landlord bagged an Elk last night! It’s her first ever elk so she was pretty excited. I’m going to have to brush up on my wild meat cooking apparently. That having been said I have no idea where she’s puting all this meat. As best as I’ve been made aware all we have is the tiny little fridge freezer. Maybe she’s got a cellar.

Or maybe she knows something we don’t know.


I think it is my Wireless card. I can’t say for certain at this point, but now that I’ve removed the thing my computer is suddenly very lively. Where as two hours ago I was afraid it might turn into another Hell Gate, much like Joel’s Hell Gate. That’s the nick name I gave his laptop.

It was a gate.

To Hell.

I’m pretty much moved into my new place (read: Half my shit still isn’t unpacked) and I have to say I’m pretty stoked to be in a place that is really my own. I’m grateful to the family that gave me a place to stay, God put them in my path not just to give me a roof over my head, but I’m glad to be somewhere paying rent and making home. To christen the place I bought a new book shelf, a new computer/work desk, and a dresser from the Sally Anne all for $100. I’m probably going to buy myself a decent office chair too, but that depends on how much money I make delivering pizzas tomorrow. And yes I am saving up for school, but I do kind of need this stuff.

I won’t lie, I’m probably going to splurge a bit on the chair though.

I will get you guys some pictures, but I need to re-install all of my photo software and I actually need to find the USB cable for my camera.

I also need to unpack, and this takes presidence over pretty well everything.

I start my new job on Monday, pretty stoked I gotta tell yah. Even more so since my managers at Wal-Mart begged me to stay, which lets me know that I really do have a pretty solid work ethic. I’m pretty proud of that.

For those among you that would lift a word up in prayer, please remember Chipmunk as she is starting to adjust to University life. It sounds like she’s enjoying herself, but a little extra help couldn’t hurt.

Big prayers to my Brother as he begins his new life with his new wife in his house on 3rd and trife…

Don’t worry, I’m dissapointed in myself.

Beware the Bear.

I’m a computer guy. I tinker, I toy, I program, I upgrade, I destroy. There’s not a heck of a lot I can’t do with computers, and the things I don’t know, well I can learn those pretty darn quick. I imagine my shock and HORROR however to discover the woman I have grown to cherish and love in the 4 months we’ve been ‘official’ does not update her computer.

There was like 20 odd updates that needed to be installed, some of them as far back as 3 months ago were sitting on the Microsoft updated site, waiting to be plucked like a luscious apple… correction, orange. That’s actually a strange thing for me. I love apple juice, not so much apples. I love Oranges (favourite fruit) but I am not a huge fan of most orange juice (well I like the thick pulpy stuff that you can get at the grocery store in the fridge).

It’s vastly important to run updates on your PC. The horror stories where they completely turn your computer sideways are few and far between, and most times they’re handed out to fix potential issues, and to protect from potential virus attacks. Worms like Sasser, Love Bug, DaVinci, Michelangelo…. they could have all been avoided if people had properly updated their computers, as they took advantage of known holes in the OS.

And don’t even bother jumping up and down about Mac…. They’re just as bad, just not as popular so you don’t hear about it as much.

I am aware that some updates are Superfluous… but those I don’t care too much about, as long as you run the critical updates… I’m fine.

I should probably get back to work now, as I’m going to get hectically busy pretty quick here.