Well I’ve moved now, got myself a little basement thing going on, that really isn’t too shabby. A little tight on space, but I’ll learn to live with it. Really all that matters is that I have my XBox, my PS2, My Computer, and PJ. PJ is crucialy important.

For those of you new to this whole… thing… PJ is my cat. He has an amazing sarcastic and playful personality and LOVES people. Which is great, because I hate cats that are all “Oh… I’m too good for you… Look at me all snobby.” PJ is a Pet Whore… he loves getting pet and will follow you around and meow until you pet him. Or give him food. He’s pretty hungry… Like ALL the time.

Don’t tell my girlfriend this, but I’m actually pretty stoked to meet her Sister. Her and I didn’t exactly hit it off the first time we met (we both worked at a motel), I had to ream her out for like 20 minutes one day because she was being an intolerable turd and she wouldn’t get off my back. Rumour has it she’s matured, but she was somewhat sceptical when she heard her sister and I were dating. Indeed… Scepticism ran rampant in the streets. Like Zombies in…. well pretty much every zombie movie ever made. They should make a Resident Evil movie that’s true to the series, with a creepy mansion that slowly reveals a corrupt corporation, not one that’s all like “BAM! CORRUPTION!”… However that scene in the first one with the laser room was pretty sweet.

I’ve decided that the things I write would work really well in comics. I’ve realised that looking over my writing and re-reading it that I had these awesome visual elements… in my head.

I have thusly decided I’m going to draw things with them. Not a full fledged comic, but some pictures, visual elements… Which is going to really suck for you guys because I haven’t drawn a decent picture in…. gosh 8 years…. Am I really that old?

I checked my Birth Certificate… I really am that old.

Back to the Mines for me.


I’m a computer guy. I tinker, I toy, I program, I upgrade, I destroy. There’s not a heck of a lot I can’t do with computers, and the things I don’t know, well I can learn those pretty darn quick. I imagine my shock and HORROR however to discover the woman I have grown to cherish and love in the 4 months we’ve been ‘official’ does not update her computer.

There was like 20 odd updates that needed to be installed, some of them as far back as 3 months ago were sitting on the Microsoft updated site, waiting to be plucked like a luscious apple… correction, orange. That’s actually a strange thing for me. I love apple juice, not so much apples. I love Oranges (favourite fruit) but I am not a huge fan of most orange juice (well I like the thick pulpy stuff that you can get at the grocery store in the fridge).

It’s vastly important to run updates on your PC. The horror stories where they completely turn your computer sideways are few and far between, and most times they’re handed out to fix potential issues, and to protect from potential virus attacks. Worms like Sasser, Love Bug, DaVinci, Michelangelo…. they could have all been avoided if people had properly updated their computers, as they took advantage of known holes in the OS.

And don’t even bother jumping up and down about Mac…. They’re just as bad, just not as popular so you don’t hear about it as much.

I am aware that some updates are Superfluous… but those I don’t care too much about, as long as you run the critical updates… I’m fine.

I should probably get back to work now, as I’m going to get hectically busy pretty quick here.

Some basic housekeeping stuff… There are those of you who read my blog whom I trust, and the password key will be sent to you for hidden posts. Of course as usual I prefer to you to COMMENT ON POSTS… Most of you know who I’m glaring at with that statement. Warned they have been… They have my keys, the roads are not safe.

┬áThe past few days have been fairly interesting with work and personal life. Prepping to move hasn’t taken up nearly as much time as I wanted it to, as I’ve been helping with renovations and reading Harry Potter. Not bad. In fact, I would have been perfectly happy to dispose with all of the previous books and to just read the ultimate passage. The Final works of Harry Potter. (Not done yet, I hope he eats it).

┬áBut I’m like that. That is the true measure of a hero… truly it is the purpose of a hero, to pass so others may live. The Heroic Sacrifice….. Perhaps that’s why I kill off so many of my characters all the time. Flamethrower, Captain Nemo (all of them), Griggs, Biggs, Mark, Laredo (the Knight/Prince no the bear), Mark-Anthony, Dasak (really liked playing this character)… I generally end up offing my heroes in some great heroic sacrifice…. or in the case of Captain Edward Nemo IX; he died anti-climatically after killing a giant during the second siege of Castle Lion Heart… I was told that that was the most awful thing I had ever done… And really I was more or less being lazy. I just couldn’t figure out how he was going to die.

That brings me to my other housekeeping item. I’m going to do some writing on here, kind of a fantasy Sci-Fi thing. It will show up on another page up at the top there when I finally get around to doing it… Which might be… you know… never. But we’ll try.

That’s about all I have for you. I’ll post some pictures once I’ve moved (yes, visual aspects shock and awe) and then I’ll try to return to a regular posting schedule.

And He Shall Be

July 24, 2007

I hope this message finds you well.

I write to you now from the vestage of my new home in this Wild West, and am glad that I may continue to do so.

You all mean so much to me, and I have decided that I will not deny myself the right to say what I think and what I feel, and it is here that I shall do so. Some times what I say will be private, but not to those of you I trust. Indeed this shall do for the time being until a more permanent and preffered home will come into being.

Fare thee well children of men, I will see you at the cross roads.