Brown Bomber to Comand, we have Touch Down

July 30, 2007

Well I’ve moved now, got myself a little basement thing going on, that really isn’t too shabby. A little tight on space, but I’ll learn to live with it. Really all that matters is that I have my XBox, my PS2, My Computer, and PJ. PJ is crucialy important.

For those of you new to this whole… thing… PJ is my cat. He has an amazing sarcastic and playful personality and LOVES people. Which is great, because I hate cats that are all “Oh… I’m too good for you… Look at me all snobby.” PJ is a Pet Whore… he loves getting pet and will follow you around and meow until you pet him. Or give him food. He’s pretty hungry… Like ALL the time.

Don’t tell my girlfriend this, but I’m actually pretty stoked to meet her Sister. Her and I didn’t exactly hit it off the first time we met (we both worked at a motel), I had to ream her out for like 20 minutes one day because she was being an intolerable turd and she wouldn’t get off my back. Rumour has it she’s matured, but she was somewhat sceptical when she heard her sister and I were dating. Indeed… Scepticism ran rampant in the streets. Like Zombies in…. well pretty much every zombie movie ever made. They should make a Resident Evil movie that’s true to the series, with a creepy mansion that slowly reveals a corrupt corporation, not one that’s all like “BAM! CORRUPTION!”… However that scene in the first one with the laser room was pretty sweet.

I’ve decided that the things I write would work really well in comics. I’ve realised that looking over my writing and re-reading it that I had these awesome visual elements… in my head.

I have thusly decided I’m going to draw things with them. Not a full fledged comic, but some pictures, visual elements… Which is going to really suck for you guys because I haven’t drawn a decent picture in…. gosh 8 years…. Am I really that old?

I checked my Birth Certificate… I really am that old.

Back to the Mines for me.


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