On Being a Writer

May 6, 2008

I should preface this by telling you I am not a writer, rather I do write. I think in order to be classed as a writer, at the very least I should have something published (by someone other than me).

But I do write. I write short stories, novels, poems, campaigns for all sorts of role playing games, and I’m pretty sure I wrote a story for a video game once (one of those generic make your own RPG things). I don’t know why I constantly feel the need to write something, I just know I can’t be idle for a more than a few seconds without my imagination creating an adventure of massive proportions. Some times its as simple as hearing a randomĀ conversation and building itĀ into a spy story while I walk down the street; sometimes I see something and I decide that this particular item may be a key to the galaxy’s safety; and other times I read something and my own adventure takes shape.

In the course of this happening I don’t just create adventures and characters, I create worlds. The Legend of Captain Nemo, Heroes, Heroes: Comic, Flamethrower, The Legend of Bearson, A Gunslingers Tale, The Iron Knight, House 341, The Avenger, The Avengers (not the comic book), SWAT, A Detective’s Story, Dark Veracities, Earth Defense Forces, Spies…. Admittedly some of the worlds I’ve created have…. borrowedaspects, and some blatantly take place in someone else’s world… the stories are all original.

So I figured, why not write a story where all of these universes converge… Yes this sounds like a great idea. I can barely manage to write something coherently half the time let alone complete something.

So… yeah. That’s my writing project. I might put up a page about the stuff I’m writing or have written… we’ll see.


I’m Alive

May 4, 2008

Did anybody see Pearl Harbour? Say what you want about Ben Afleck, but that was an amazing movie and I think he was a fantastic Dare Devil. On a further note, I love that part where Ben Afleck writes to his woman and it opens with “This is the first I could get out word… I’m alive.”

Anyways. I’ve been busy as you might have guessed. Exams and final projects and work and a few hours for sleep here and there. That having been said I also kind of forgot I had a blog really, just being busy doing stuff. So as an update…

I’ve joined WCHL hockey (http://www.wchlhockey.com) as the General Manager of the Florida Panthers. I’m hoping to have a webpage up and running for my team, and when I get around to it I’ll let you know.

My Girlfriend and I had our 1 year anniversary on March 26th. It was getting rocky for a while there, admittedly, but we’ve made it, and now that exams are over we’re working on strengthening what have. And now she is reminding me that I need to give one of her teddy bears a story. And I’m also told I’m not allowed to write it here.

I’ve thrown myself into another writing project (like I don’t already have enough of them on the go) and I might have some stuff to say about that soon.

For now though, I’ll leave you with this and then go on my way. Have a good one!