I am a comic book collector. And I’m not talking about “I subscribe to the Avengers” comic book collector, I mean I read freaking everything comic book related.

That having been said I subscribe to the Avengers.

Anyways… have I already talked about this? No, I have note.

Comic books interest me in a big way. It’s one of the last mediums that effectively combines two art forms. The art in most comic books (whoever is drawing for Cable right now needs a kick in the pills) can range all over the spectrum. You have a view that almost makes it look like a sketch book, but done really well from Yu, who’s currently writing for Secret Invasion and formerly the New Avengers. Or Frank Cho who has almost an updated look of old style Comics. There are painted Comics, Comics that look ultra realistic… the art is all over the spectrum and it’s beautiful.

The writing is equally up to par (most times. Again Cable’s writer needs a kick in the pills) from writers like Brian Michael Bendis (probably my favorite Comic writer of all time) and Joss Wheedon (equally as cool as Bendis). They’ve moved away from the classic Heroic prose “I shall smite thee villian!” into very realistic and very human speach. Of course this is the main reason why I buy Marvel and not DC…. Unless it’s Batman. I don’t care what anyone says Batman Comics are always fucking awesome.

Anyways, this introduction of realisim has been…. “wow”. Tony Stark, one of my favourite super heroes, has now fully realized his character. In order to be the Futurist he is, he has to be a tremendous douchebag… And he really is a tremendous douchebag. I want to freaking whack him some times. Captain America, the extreme idealist and the last person left fighting for what America really started out being, paid for his ideals with his life, just like an idealist should. Luke Cage is the ultimate bad ass who takes every chance he gets to stick it to the man, but not in such a way that you yell “GO HOME HIPPIE!” every time he talks. His character is powerful, and you know when he’s around.

Not sure why this was on my mind, but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway. Promised myself I’d write atleast once a week and this is the second stop on that road.


On Life and Consequences

August 25, 2008

… It has been a really long time since I have posted, and as best as I can figure there’s a lot of stuff you’ve missed.

Firstly, and this is in no particular order, Chipmunk and I are no longer dating. There are lots of reasons why, but most of them are personal and I’m really not wanting to get into them here; My life is an open book to you, but when it involves other people… well…. It’s not very fair to them is it?

I suppose actually that’s a bit hypocritical isn’t it? I’ve complained about other people on here… meh. It’s my Blog, and I don’t feel like going over it here. That’s the magic of being a writer, no one can make you write what you don’t want to.

Unless you’re Stephanie Meyer…[Insert retarded romance bit here]

I will say that the relationship ended about as amicably as it possibly could have, and I was the one who broke it off. I don’t regret the decission, I maintain it was the right thing to do, but I do regret that that’s what it had to come to. For all my ability as a futurist, I didn’t see this part coming.

My Brother got married. It was incredible. Him and Caos are so happy and I can’t express how happy I am for them. The wedding had it’s glitches, but the sheer magnitude of love everyone expressed throughout the cerimony and reception shadowed all of it (You’re right Bro, I really do have the best laugh). I got fairly close with Caos’ family as well while I was up for the wedding, turns out her younger brother’s a big photography nut, and her other brother shares my sense of humor along with the cousins (All Aboard the Fail Boat!).

Gaming has kind of fallen off. With a couple of us entering into a full time school schedule, one person leaving for school elsewhere, and another guy that nobody fucking likes… well we’re kind of tied for time. It was good though. I’ve made some really great friends and managed to get two jobs because of the people I’ve met. I pray that God keeps them in my path and that I might mean as much to them as they do to me.

Through random happenstance I discovered that I have become a leader, and that my Brother supports this and has no quams with moving asside for me to do my thing. At his Bachelor party / yearly camp out our next door neighbor campsite had some problems with a sevearly angry/drunk person. I wasn’t heroic or anything, no jumping into a fight, but I did jump in to handle the situation. I’ve never felt God’s presence in me like I felt it then. Got to lead me my Beyonders, and damn was that exciting.

I’m writing again, a full novel now. Of course I still haven’t written what comes before the novel… which… is bad. Well maybe not bad but it’s not good either. Ideas move through my head so quickly that if I don’t find time to get them written down my brain immediately jumps to the next thing… It happens.

I’ve also decided that I am in fact going to take a vacation this year. Two of them in fact. The first to see my Sisters in Calgary and Lethbridge so I can have some time with them (since they both came down here and tried to make time for me). The second will be to see my Brother and his wife on the coast. He needs him a visiting.

And lastly, I discovered I have a saved post regarding time travel. Gotta remember to finish that and post it. Looks pretty fun.

Well that’s it for me, I’ll see yah when I see yah

/Beware the Bear