On Being a Writer

May 6, 2008

I should preface this by telling you I am not a writer, rather I do write. I think in order to be classed as a writer, at the very least I should have something published (by someone other than me).

But I do write. I write short stories, novels, poems, campaigns for all sorts of role playing games, and I’m pretty sure I wrote a story for a video game once (one of those generic make your own RPG things). I don’t know why I constantly feel the need to write something, I just know I can’t be idle for a more than a few seconds without my imagination creating an adventure of massive proportions. Some times its as simple as hearing a random conversation and building it into a spy story while I walk down the street; sometimes I see something and I decide that this particular item may be a key to the galaxy’s safety; and other times I read something and my own adventure takes shape.

In the course of this happening I don’t just create adventures and characters, I create worlds. The Legend of Captain Nemo, Heroes, Heroes: Comic, Flamethrower, The Legend of Bearson, A Gunslingers Tale, The Iron Knight, House 341, The Avenger, The Avengers (not the comic book), SWAT, A Detective’s Story, Dark Veracities, Earth Defense Forces, Spies…. Admittedly some of the worlds I’ve created have…. borrowedaspects, and some blatantly take place in someone else’s world… the stories are all original.

So I figured, why not write a story where all of these universes converge… Yes this sounds like a great idea. I can barely manage to write something coherently half the time let alone complete something.

So… yeah. That’s my writing project. I might put up a page about the stuff I’m writing or have written… we’ll see.


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