Yeah, well, it’s new for me too

September 11, 2008

I read an article on Detoxing today. Or more accurately I glanced at the title and thought “hey, Jewels used to do that all the time… or… well not all the time… and it wasn’t… fuck it whatever, I want to be healthy.” So I’m going on a Seven Day Detox as of 5 PM today. I have bought many apples, some snap peas, some carrots, and a cucumber. Cucumber sandwhiches and soup for dinners, and carrots, peas, and apples for snackies. I’m not entirely sure how it’ll go, but I’m pretty excited to see how it comes out.

If any of the 11 of you have any Detox stories, let me know. I will be kind of journaling the event here, so stay tuned.

Then again, there’s an excellent chance I’ll just forget to post.


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