That’s one of my favourite lines from “Firefly”, a little known TV series from fox that ran for half a season then died out. A movie was made closing up the story called Serenity…. well not closing it up so much. Anyways, thought it applied here.

Been busy with exams and school and failing Calculus. Yes, apparently I cannot master really horribly illogical things called derivatives. They make no sense to me and make me want to barf… of course the beautiful thing is that first 4 or so weeks of the course where my professor taught us all of nothing (not true, he went over some random useless experiment like 800 times) and only the people who could figure it out from the text book passed the first midterm. We did sit him down after that and said “look butt monkey, you need to teach us” on the pressured advice of my girlfriend (We were all just going to go to the Board of Directors)… He started teaching us… but unfortunately for many of us (including myself) it was too little too late.

There were three classes for Calculus when the first semester started all taught by the same guy, all full. The second part of the course is only being offered in the second semester, and I’m told there’s plenty of room.

I don’t feel too badly though, one of the smartest guys I know barely pulled a C.

Everything else went okay though. Good English grade good Chem grade… I’m a happy camper as it stands… Of course I’m going to be working Graveyards pretty quick here which will no doubt prove interesting.

Got most of my Christmas shopping done, just one or two things left… and I need to finish off Rhya’s Christmas presents. Slow process.

I’m sorry for the lack of updates. This was far easier when I had an abundance of free time after 5 PM…. now I’m pretty much all school all work and some sleep. I’ll try to keep you posted through the holidays though. Try.

I wont make you guys any promises, I just don’t have the ability to do that. I’ve said in the past that I’ll get back to a schedule, but it’s just not feasible… Things happen, and this will likely take a back seat to other crap going on.


That’s all I can think of right now. I’ll try and hit you back in the near future.


I’m Still Here

September 4, 2007

I’ve just been busy… VERY busy. Let’s start from the beginning shall we?

Or at least what I’ve decided is the beginning. That’s right, this is my blog.

I lost my job. Yes, my fancy computer job. I was laid off and I now work for minimum wage at a fast food place nights and grave yards so I can go to school this September. Of course this is not so much fun, as I have to work pretty well full time so I can afford things I put myself into debt for… like my vehicle.

And many of you are saying now “Retard, why did you put yourself in debt?”. And I answer with, “Up yours,” followed by, “Because I wanted a vehicle that wasn’t going to fall apart on me, so I purchased a nice van my parents were going to give back at the end of the lease. And I did this, because my previous boss said my job wasn’t going to disappear, that I had nothing to worry about, and everything would be fine.”

A week later and I’m given my walking papers. I mean, I was nervous at first, but my boss gave no real indication that anything was going sideways, then one day after being at a clients at 5 in the bloody morning till about 12, he just hands me my papers and tells me to turn in… well everything.

I’m left with several issues, most of which can be summed up in the word bills. Unfortunately, working a minimum wage job or even above minimum wage, wasn’t going to be enough to cover bills and save any money. I wanted to move with my Girlfriend when she moved for school, so this wasn’t suitable… However, in a moment of sheer genius (Read: What the F*** was I thinking?) I realized that if I went back to school, I could stop payments on student loans, I would get 200 odd dollars from the government because of some stuff with my mom, and working a minimum wage job for 30 hours a week would give me enough to pay bills, plus some for saving… And I could get more education.

Bachelors of Science in Computation to be exact. Which would give me more than enough education to say, start my own business… Mighty Wings Designs might find wings after all.

Unfortunately, this has left me working like crazy, doing pretty much all grave yards, and neglecting… well a lot. I was doing a big website project for a friend that has had to take a back seat, which has been a hard thing for me as I gave the man my word. My Girlfriend hasn’t seen me in forever, and we’ve had practically no time together. I’m doing the job I have now, plus some for saving for school… and I’m just generally tired. I really am worn down. I’m having trouble functioning on most levels, and my knee is killing me… and I’m stressed…. Which doesn’t happen that often.

<insert sigh here>

But I suppose there is one bright side to all of this, other than the fact I’ve FINALLY made an update to my blog…

I’m Still Standing.

Some basic housekeeping stuff… There are those of you who read my blog whom I trust, and the password key will be sent to you for hidden posts. Of course as usual I prefer to you to COMMENT ON POSTS… Most of you know who I’m glaring at with that statement. Warned they have been… They have my keys, the roads are not safe.

 The past few days have been fairly interesting with work and personal life. Prepping to move hasn’t taken up nearly as much time as I wanted it to, as I’ve been helping with renovations and reading Harry Potter. Not bad. In fact, I would have been perfectly happy to dispose with all of the previous books and to just read the ultimate passage. The Final works of Harry Potter. (Not done yet, I hope he eats it).

 But I’m like that. That is the true measure of a hero… truly it is the purpose of a hero, to pass so others may live. The Heroic Sacrifice….. Perhaps that’s why I kill off so many of my characters all the time. Flamethrower, Captain Nemo (all of them), Griggs, Biggs, Mark, Laredo (the Knight/Prince no the bear), Mark-Anthony, Dasak (really liked playing this character)… I generally end up offing my heroes in some great heroic sacrifice…. or in the case of Captain Edward Nemo IX; he died anti-climatically after killing a giant during the second siege of Castle Lion Heart… I was told that that was the most awful thing I had ever done… And really I was more or less being lazy. I just couldn’t figure out how he was going to die.

That brings me to my other housekeeping item. I’m going to do some writing on here, kind of a fantasy Sci-Fi thing. It will show up on another page up at the top there when I finally get around to doing it… Which might be… you know… never. But we’ll try.

That’s about all I have for you. I’ll post some pictures once I’ve moved (yes, visual aspects shock and awe) and then I’ll try to return to a regular posting schedule.