It’ll do.

October 3, 2009

In choosing Word Press the thing that initially drew me in was the ease of use in the widget functionality — I think I might have talked about this once before, but bare with me here — as well as the crispness of the posting. I can easily stream media into any blog post, upload new pictures (Did I mention space is unlimited) into the page on the fly, a spell checker (which I quite obviously need) that doesn’t require me to install anything third party… I was pretty happy with what was available to me.

It wasn’t until later that I realized that I have little to no control over the layout. I can change between available themes sure, some times I can even change the image that floats up there at the top, but I have no control of the layout. Granted if you pay a fee you can control the CSS of the site (think of it as being able to control the way the furniture is laid out, but not the actual furniture that you can use) but I can’t touch the base HTML.

This is becoming a problem for me.

I know most people could give a rats ass about changing the layout on their blog. Once they find something they like they may well stick to it for the rest of time… but that’s not me. I used to change the layout 3 or 4 times a year and I had a blast doing it… Now I can’t. I am officially stuck with what is in front of me.

In other words you might have to endure me changing my blog location again :P.

I have found my faith a bit recently. Thanks to the help of my Brother I am starting to get back on my feet in that regard. Things were tough, it was hard, but I realize now that I’ve moved why it had to happen, why I needed to be where I am — I’ll write a post about that another time — and why I still need to be working with Him.

PS: You should check out Wild at Heart, excellent read for any guys out there.


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