EDF story continued…

June 4, 2009

“Why did you come for me?” She hadn’t said anything since Justin had set a course, and even before that hadn’t said much. Justin and Derek had both figured that it was from the trauma of only have fragments of her memory restored, but neither of them could say for sure. They were fighters, and healers.

“Are you serious?”

“…Yes” She answers quietly and weakly.

“You were in danger, plain and simple.”

“There were a lot of other people-”

“What do you want Maddy? I put you in danger by bringing you into EDF and I knew your life was in danger so I came to save you, alright? Christ, can’t just be grateful can you?”

“When a man who looks like you,” A wire frame of a man with a shot of red hair standing 10 yards from the pair in the middle of the bazaar starts, “who caries guns like that, and raises his voice to a lady… It can attract all manor of attention.”

Justin kicks himself for noticing the man in the poncho carrying the two large irons before, now he’s close enough to do some serious damage. “We don’t want any problems.”

“I don’t make problems, I solve ’em. The names Garrette, I’m the closest thing to a police officer you’re gunna get on this station.”

“Garrette? Dreggs Garrette?”

The man grins and walks within handshaking range, “I’m honestly surprised you’d remember.”

“You were an Engineer weren’t you? Served under Gilmore on Drimba 5.”

“Worked directly on Laredo, designed most of ‘er automated defenses while the Iron Man project was still undergoing scruitiny.” The two men shake hands, and Madison also joins in.

“What’s a guy like you, doing with shooting Irons like those?”

“Heh, out here you don’t need fancy to do damage. They’re cheap to use and maintain and I don’t have to worry about gettin’ any damned batteries charged. Besides, energy shields don’t block .45s.”

Justin smiles, “I don’t imagine they would, but that’s not what I meant. You were an engineer, not a soldier.”

“You know the motto, every man a fighter. Naw, I ended up working with a blag bag crew call signed Derringer before and after the Resurrection of Drimba 5. Our job was front line stuff, we infiltrated enemy bases and turned their own automated systems against them. Admiral Vargus didn’t let anybody in his crew who couldn’t hold their own in a gun fight, so it was either learn or stick with fixing ships all day. Surprised you didn’t know that.”

“Most of Vargus’ stuff was off the books.” Justin replies with a little more bite than he had intended.

“Must ‘ave took a lesson from you and General Briggs.” Dreggs replies with a lighthearted smile.

Justin chuckles, “I suppose so.”

“General Bragg’s told me about your situation, and I’ve already sent updated programming to my droids standing guard, but if any of ’em give you trouble just tell ’em to contact me or my men.”

“Droids?” Justin cocks a brow.

“Bragg don’t much feel like payin’ people when he don’t have to, so guys like me who’re talented with a wrench and a computer make a decent living here. Pretty much all the security is robotic, save for five or six security personnel, and then two of ’em following the good General around at all times.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Now, you two have yourselves a pleasant day.” The man tips his imaginary hat and walks between them. He’s almost out of mind when he turns around and says, “Oh by the way Captain Nemo-”

“Name’s Bear now.”

“Well, that may be so, but that’s not who the lady on deck three is askin’ for.” He replies with a wink before walking off.


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