Another Writing Thing.

May 26, 2009

“The once and legendary Captain Nemo,” the man standing at the foot of the docking ramp says smugly, “my my how the mighty have fallen.”
“General Victor Bragg, this is Justin Ball also known as Bear.”
“EDF is no more, so neither is Captain Nemo.” Bear answers coolly.
“Well that’s well and good then, because this is my station, and EDF has no jurisdiction here. You’ll remove your weapons and check them in with the port authority.”
Derek and the rest begin to unstrap their weapons, but Justin merely crosses his arms over his chest. “No.”
“I beg your pardon?” The two security guards that had presumably escorted Victor to the docking bay twitch noticeably. “You should know better than anyone how this works ‘Bear’. You disbanded us remember? Left us to fend for ourselves out here and create our own little worlds. Well in my world there are no weapons of any kind, and since I don’t owe you a good god damn thing you will leave your guns here, or I will have you shot where you stand.”
Bear doesn’t move, he doesn’t even flinch when the two guards raise their weapons slowly, aprehensively, to level on his head. “You served on the Madripor, during the Wright Brother’s incident.”
“… Yes, what of it?”
“It was me who saved your life all those years ago, but putting my own on the line. You owe me and my guns your life, your cooperation, and your respect.”
“You arrogant son of a-”
Bear walks forward until he’s less than an inch from Victor and speaks in a low voice, “You know who I am, you know what I can do. We came for information and we’re going to get it, so now you get to choose weather or not we get that information by tearing you and your little space station apart.” Both men stare at each other coldly. Victor had planned on not being the one to stand down, but even he can hear the nerves of his men rattle.
“Fine, let them have their guns.” Bear turns and looks at the others with a nod. “but I promise you Justin, Bear, Captain Nemo whatever you call yourself… Word one that isn’t prime and in line on my station and I blow you and yours to kingdom come.”
“Agreed.” He decides he had to give him that. He’d already trampled on the man’s ego more than he really wanted, any more and he might not be at all inclined to help them out, even if he’s one of the people who betrayed him. “We need information.”
“Good for you.” Victor rolls his eyes as he’s walking away.
“And the sooner we get it, the sooner we can get out of your hair.”
Victor stops and looks Bear and his crew over for a moment as if weighing a decision, “Fine, I have other business to attend to. Be in my office in one hour.” With that he walks away, his security guards right behind him.
Bear turns to Jay, “Get ‘er fueled and buy whatever you need for repairs.”
“You worried?” Steve asks quietly keeping and eye on Victor and his guards as they walk away.
“Not sure, but I get the feeling we’ll be leaving in a hurry.”
“You don’t think Victor’s the one who sold us out do you?” Derek asks with a doubting glance.
“I don’t know, but he’s obviously got some problems with me and with EDF so I’m not ruling it out. Jay you have the con, hail us if anything goes wrong, grab Jamie in engineering if you leave the boat. Steve you’re with Derek, Madison you’re with me, nobody walks around alone, understood?” They all nod in reply, “Good, see you guys in an hour.”


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