I Write at Weird Times on Occasion…

May 16, 2009

“Oh my God, that’s it!” Justin is hurled out of his dream and into the office he had fallen asleep in. His crew looks at him after catching their breath, startled by the sudden outburst.
“What is it?” Derek asks sounding on edge, probably also in need of a few hours of shut eye.
“The reason the Kaldel want Madison so badly… Of course!”
“What? How?” Steve asks incredulously, “You just figured this out while you were napping?”
Justin bolts up out of his chair and runs out of his office, through the cargo bay, and onto the bridge, “What were we doing three years ago?”
“Three years ago?… The Vergan Temple incident?” Derek asks.
“The Vergan were dying, some virus or another implanted itself in to their technology and it was killing them slowly, they needed some way to purge the virus.” Steve clarifies.
“Yeah… yeah, I think… I think I remember,” Madison chimes, also following Justin, Derek, Steve, and Jay onto the bridge. A few images, black and white and blurry like before flash in her mind… a giant temple built from strange metal… lights everywhere. “I was there, right?”
“You were, practically everyone was.” Justin continues as he sits at the ship’s helm cycling up the Telthan’s systems, “The Vergan were the architects of most of the technology that ran EDF in it’s hay-day, and still the backbone for most of the computer systems that run our ships at present.”
“So… What? The Kaldel are pissed that she helped save them? Doesn’t make any sense, why not go after all of us? Besides, what do they care about the Vergan?” Steve is also cycling up the systems as he takes a seat in front of the secondary flight panel.
“They don’t care about the Vergan.”
“What do they care about then?” Derek asks impatiently.
Justin sighs after completing the launch prep, “The USS Adriatic was given to me after I saved the Vergan home planet from getting blown to kingdom come…”
“Oh no…” Madison mutters quietly putting her hand over her mouth.
“…but part in parcel with that ship was it’s unanticipated AI, call sign Adriana.” Justin swivels his chair to look at everyone, “They didn’t want to kill Madison because she might be important to me… They wanted her dead because she was the only one in the comms room when Adriana helped purge the system three years ago while she was still hiding in the depths of space.”
Derek slumps down into the Captain’s chair his hand over his eyes, “She was looking at the star map when Adriana made contact.”
“Madison would have seen where we were receiving the transmission from. She’s the only one who knows where the Adriatic is, and they want Madison out of the way so we can’t find her.”

This one came to me a few days ago and I’ve finally fleshed out this section. EDF stands for Earth Defense Forces. It was this sci-fi adventure thing I cooked up with I was in grade 10 or so. My life was relatively boring so I used to imagine I went on these missions for this clandestine organization that helped protect the earth from countless armies all over the universe. Lots of fun.

Anyways, bed time now.


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