I Wanna be, the Very Best! Like no One Ever Was!

May 15, 2009

So my ex-girlfriend has become hooked on Pokemon like it’s crack. She has my DS and has already caught her first six, with her first being at level 14 and the rest being at a range of 6 – 8… Translation for those who know nothing about Pokemon: She spent like all Gorramn afternoon yesterday playing Pokémon! As such I now have to a get a new Pokémon game for myself because she has become so attached to the ones she has caught :P. But don’t worry, once I get my Chimchar, Shinx, and Starley leveled up… I’ll put her in her place.

I wanna hear a Hoo-Ha Sargent!

Things have been going well. A minor hick-up with my billing through one of my clients has me borrowing some money to make sure bills are paid but… beyond that I’ve got my head above water. Always positive.

I have to leave now. I realize this is abrupt and short but I just remembered I have some Student Loans paperwork to fill out.

/Beware The Bear


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