Back From the Brink

December 23, 2008

And so when he entered the room all went silent. His normally elegant jacket, dirty and tattered; this alone would make him hard to recognize, but there was much more. A heavy limp on his left leg and a right arm that doesn’t hang quite like it should… but the scar. The scar is what truly sets him apart from his former self. Running from his temple across his right eye to his ear, an eye patch covers the scarred flesh.

When last he stood here, his name was Captain Nemo.

That has been running around in my head for a while. I think it’s going to be in the re-write of the Heroes Novel. Yes I am writing a novel. I paid to get a transcript from Stephen King on Novel writing and have thusly (isn’t thusly a word? spell check is insisting it is not a word…) begun a very different approach to writing this… So far it’s going well, and I’ll continue to hold my head high on that regard.

My business is going well, finding myself a fair amount of work even with just word of mouth, and I’m pretty excited for the coming year when I can finally apply for my business licenses and let things really take off. Moving out has been somewhat complicated as my current landlord has spent a lot of time making threats about how she’s going to make my last days miserable… but whatever, I’ll deal.

Big Gun (room mate) and I have been having a lot of fun playing through Final Fantasy XI and Lego Star Wars. He’s a pretty cool guy and I’m looking forward to it being just him and I in our new place. Probably gunna work less at the Hut so him and can hang out more.

‘Cause we’re gay.

I’m just gunna let that hang there.

Recently went up to Calgary to visit a friend in the hospital… and then I got snowed in. I was with two other people, 16 and 17…. and I will never ever go on a road trip with them again. There was nothing they didn’t whine about and the one kid didn’t even tell his parents he was going to Calgary. I could have ended his life, I swear. But other than that piece of drama, the trip went well. I forgot how fun winter driving can be lol.

Christmas is going to be fun this year, I think. Plenty of people to visit and give things to and fun to have…. I have to admit I was pretty nervous this year. This is the first year where I have intentionally not been with my blood family for Christmas, that I’ve decided not to be there. And I was getting nervous and sick about it but now that it is coming upon me… I feel a calm, and for this I am thankful.

Merry Christmas (cause saying Happy Holidays is GAY…. like Big Gun and I) and I’ll see you guys when I see you.


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