Then Again, Maybe Not

September 18, 2008

For those of you curious as to how my purging or…. what was it?… Crap I can’t remember what it was called… That diet thing I went on. I’m trying desperately not to look at the last post I made.

Okay, I cheated and looked. It was Detoxing.

So sue me!

Anyways, for those of you curious as to how that went… it pretty much didn’t. I realized I didn’t have the funds to feasably do something like that so I instead opted just to buy a lot of fruit and vegitables instead. I’m liking the healthier food, it’s good for me.

Mr. K opts to say nothing and continues to read my comic books.

Work is going fairly well. My owner is into financial trouble a little further than I thought so that’s kind of scary, but Wal-Mart has assured me that I’m welcome back any time. Which I won’t be taking them up on. I’ll go work the rigs or some damn thing. I don’t just want to make bills, I want to save money for school. That’s the plan anyways… Who knows, this computer tutoring thing is actually working out fairly well.

I had a guy ask me today how I learned all of this stuff. It was hard to explain. I told him I just played. He laughed and I said I was serious. I’ve learned in computers that anything you do can generally be undone, so when my father told younger me not to touch the computer, I did anway, learned how to change everything, and then put it back.

And I have no idea where I was going with this post because I’ve allowed this to distract me.

Beware the Bear


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