On Super Heroes, and Heroics in General

August 27, 2008

I am a comic book collector. And I’m not talking about “I subscribe to the Avengers” comic book collector, I mean I read freaking everything comic book related.

That having been said I subscribe to the Avengers.

Anyways… have I already talked about this? No, I have note.

Comic books interest me in a big way. It’s one of the last mediums that effectively combines two art forms. The art in most comic books (whoever is drawing for Cable right now needs a kick in the pills) can range all over the spectrum. You have a view that almost makes it look like a sketch book, but done really well from Yu, who’s currently writing for Secret Invasion and formerly the New Avengers. Or Frank Cho who has almost an updated look of old style Comics. There are painted Comics, Comics that look ultra realistic… the art is all over the spectrum and it’s beautiful.

The writing is equally up to par (most times. Again Cable’s writer needs a kick in the pills) from writers like Brian Michael Bendis (probably my favorite Comic writer of all time) and Joss Wheedon (equally as cool as Bendis). They’ve moved away from the classic Heroic prose “I shall smite thee villian!” into very realistic and very human speach. Of course this is the main reason why I buy Marvel and not DC…. Unless it’s Batman. I don’t care what anyone says Batman Comics are always fucking awesome.

Anyways, this introduction of realisim has been…. “wow”. Tony Stark, one of my favourite super heroes, has now fully realized his character. In order to be the Futurist he is, he has to be a tremendous douchebag… And he really is a tremendous douchebag. I want to freaking whack him some times. Captain America, the extreme idealist and the last person left fighting for what America really started out being, paid for his ideals with his life, just like an idealist should. Luke Cage is the ultimate bad ass who takes every chance he gets to stick it to the man, but not in such a way that you yell “GO HOME HIPPIE!” every time he talks. His character is powerful, and you know when he’s around.

Not sure why this was on my mind, but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway. Promised myself I’d write atleast once a week and this is the second stop on that road.


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